System Innovation

In addition to the company’s technology innovation, Ambow has been making innovative attempts in educational services, including primary education, career enhancement and teacher training. The company has become a pioneer in many areas of the education industry.

The first hybrid learning system of primary and secondary education - Ambow Bopo Program

The “Research and Experiment of Ambow Online Education Plan and Bopo Programs” has become the major topics discussed by scholars in China’s education field. Ambow’s research has greatly promoted China’s research of “The Integration of Diverse Methods of Learning and Teaching in Daily Teaching Under the IT Environment.” Ambow Bopo programs have been introduced into thousands of domestic primary and secondary schools, serving hundreds of thousands of students and becoming the first online education product in China.

The origin of practical training concept in China - Ambow Practical Training System

After the initiation of a Master’s Degree in Software Engineering in 2001 and providing years of training for IT talents, Ambow realized that the current traditional education and training programs cannot meet the needs of domestic software companies. Ambow began to explore an entirely new IT talents training program to make university education seamlessly fit the employers’ standards. In 2004, Ambow started the research and development of practical training program, which was officially authorized by the Ministry of Education in 2006. Ambow cooperated with the Ministry of Education in the “IT Practical Training Project” and established large-scale practical training centers in Kunshan, Dalian and other cities. After this successful attempt, Ambow also started to cooperate with hundreds of universities to further implement its training programs.

Ambow Application-Oriented Education System and Innovative Model

Based on the “Internet Plus” strategy supported by the Central Government, Ambow’s Application-Oriented Education System and Innovative Model plans to develop a student-oriented Cloud Education Network Platform to provide one-stop professional services, including teaching management, online education, internship practice, career evaluation and entrepreneurial incubation. The Ambow Model is one of the first systems to adopt the Small Private Online Course (SPOC) approach in China. By customizing programs and evolving the teacher’s role with shared resources, SPOC will substantially improve learning efficiency and student outcomes. The Model is also designed to deepen the interaction between schools and enterprises, integrate different majors during the practice phase, and thereby expand students’ professional skills and knowledge scope.

Public Service Platform for the National Network Alliance of Teacher’s Education

Utilizing its proprietary technology and services, Ambow launched its Public Service Platform for the National Network Alliance of Teacher’s Education. Driven by actual business operation experiences, the system reflects Ambow’s “Student-Centric” concept, ensuring a sustainable operation by bridging online and offline businesses to improve education services. In 2012, Ambow won the bid for this project from the Ministry of Education to meet the needs of the thousands of nationwide teacher groups. The system was officially checked and accepted by the Ministry of Education in 2014, and was appraised and recognized by the government for its scientific and technological achievements in 2015.