Model Innovation

International Software Engineering Talents Development Program

With experience and resources in Silicon Valley, Ambow understands how to cultivate Software Engineering talents. The Company proposed the development of the master’s degree in Software Engineering to the Ministry of Education, and became a pioneer in founding and advocating for “Software Engineering Colleges.”

Large-sized Practical Training Campus

As a pioneer in practical training, Ambow IT Training System was authorized by the Chinese government and used as a benchmark in the industry. In 2008, Ambow partnered with Kunshan Government and built China’s first large-sized training campus -- Ambow Internet Service Outsourcing Center. With years of improvement and exploration, Ambow Education developed its effective business model and operation system, contributing to the improvement of the local economy by developing high quality IT professional through education.

IT Education under “Internet Plus” Concept

“Internet Plus” has become a national strategy to apply the Internet and other information technology in conventional industries. Reckoning this concept, Ambow aims to develop IT talents by innovative methods, which focus on improving students’ creative thinking and application of computer skills. Ambow also provides students with valuable platforms to facilitate their practical experience in IT and entrepreneurship.

Education for Talents in Integrated Circuit Industry

In early 2015, Ambow Education partnered with Synopsys, an integrated circuit design company, to develop qualified professionals in IC area. Synopsys is one of the largest Electronic Design Automation companies in the world with advanced technology and strict production standards in IC design. The company owns top-tier IC design tools and IP templates, leading the trend of IC design technology. Ambow and Synopsys customized IC education programs for Chinese students, leveraging the resources from global IC design companies and well-known universities and supplying practical training opportunities at middle and small-sized design firms. For every step of the IC design, Ambow supplies various classes and training programs according to students’ different situations. Meanwhile, through these platforms, Ambow conducts research on widely discussed topics in Silicon Valley.