Technology Innovation

Founded in Silicon Valley, Ambow relocated to China in 2000. Since its inception, Ambow has held true to its philosophy and built its own core technology innovation system. Currently, Ambow Education holds a competitive advantage in technology innovation among China’s education services industry. It is a pioneer in exploring the "Internet + Education" model by strengthening its technological forces.

• Creator of China’s first online education technology standards In 2000, Ambow proposed to “build China’s own open platform of online education” and was instrumental in setting China’s standards. Ambow became the core founding member and the only corporate member of the Educational Technology Committee, a branch of the National Information Technology Standardization Committee.

• Founder of China’s first online education platform In 2001, identified by MOE, Ambow launched China’s first online education platform with international standards. The platform was used by many renowned universities including University of Science and Technology of China, National University of Defense Technology, National Center for Educational Technology, Hebei e-government system, and government agencies as well as corporates. The platform became a benchmark for China’s online education platform development.

• First company in China’s education services industry to publish research articles in the “Nature” magazine In 2012, scholars of Ambow Research Institute published a research article in the top international science magazine “Nature”, which had a great influence on domestic and international society. So far, Ambow Education is the only non-government educational institution that has published papers in the “Nature” magazine. "Nature" highlighted the results of Ambow’s research in its subsequent reviews.

• China’s first educational institution to obtain a U.S. patent in the field of learning methodology and technology. Ambow received a patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office for its innovative Adaptive Computer-Assisted Learning System and Method (the “Method”) platform for enhancing learning outcomes, which makes Ambow the first China-based education company to receive a U.S. patent in the adaptive learning methods field.