Career Education

As a leader in China’s career education industry, Ambow is a pioneer in cultivating and developing talents in the IT industry.

In 2000, Ambow proposed to the Ministry of Education (MOE) regarding the development of the master’s degree in Software Engineering and became the founder of “College of Software Engineering.” Ambow is the first Chinese company that offered master’s degree programs for Software Engineering.

Ambow started developing practical training system at the end of 2004, and in 2006, MOE officially authorized the system. To broaden the reach of this system, Ambow and MOE initiated the “IT Practical Training Project” by establishing large-scale training centers in Kunshan, Dalian and other major cities in China. Until 2016, Ambow IT Training Centers were located in many economically prosperous regions. After years of effort, Ambow Education helped millions of colleges improve their education programs, which made their students more attractive to potential employers. Understanding students’ job needs and corporates’ employment requirements, Ambow Education helped students seamlessly fulfill employment requirement by improving their professional skills through its diverse training programs, strengthening colleges’ education in applied technology.

Inspired by the Chinese government’s Internet Plus strategy, Ambow Education developed its Application-Oriented Education System and Innovative Model, which was authorized and approved by MOE.

Ambow’s Application-Oriented Education System and Innovative Model is one of the first systems to adopt the Small Private Online Course (SPOC) approach in China. By customizing programs and evolving the teacher’s role with shared resources, SPOC will substantially improve learning efficiency and student outcomes. The Model is also designed to deepen the interaction between schools and enterprises, integrate different majors during the practice phase, and thereby expand students’ professional skills and knowledge scope.

With more than ten years of innovation in education industry, Ambow has recently completed its Ambow University program. Through its Practical Training System, Applied Technology Talents Development System and Ambow Education Cloud, the company has built strategic partnerships with universities to develop IT professionals through joint colleges and academic programs, thereby improving teachers’ educational skills and enterprise training. Ambow Education has cooperated with nearly 100 universities in joint programs and nearly 1000 education institutions in career education, impacting over 500,000 of students and customers.