Enterprise Training

Ambow Education holds on to the philosophy of “Student-centric Education” when providing human capital solutions to enterprises. Ambow Education delves into the key value of human resource through education platform establishment, learning outsourcing, professional training consulting, integrated training program improvement and the establishment of enterprise talent pool.

Ambow’s Genesis Career Enhancement is China’s first experiential training organization specialized in Outward Training and Management Training. Since 1996, Ambow has defined the experiential training as “Outward Training”, drawing considerable media attention. Genesis has expanded its business to 12 provinces and 20 cities in China, building 34 training centers, realizing substantial media coverage and generating noticeable social influence.

By 2014, Genesis has trained over 3.7 million professionals and 30,000 organizations, helping enterprise clients and individuals achieve considerable improvement. Genesis now has 34 training centers in China with skillful sales and customer service teams providing professional training solutions to clients.

Ambow Education Integrated Training Solutions include four types:

• Online Self-Education: Users can study and evaluate their skillsets through Internet.

• Offline Self-Education: Users can improve their skills by using Blended Learning Tools, which include presentations, brochures, instructions and observation in the workplace.

• Online Education with Facilitators: The consultants of Ambow Education facilitate users’ learning experiences by answering questions, hosting discussions and supplying feedback to users’ homework.

• Face-to-Face Education: Instructors utilize traditional educational methods to improve students’ skills through practical experiences, in-class discussions and case analysis.

Analyzing enterprises’ needs for employees, Ambow Education helps companies build human resource and employee development systems. Ambow Education has helped Cisco China build its channel universities and established enterprise university platforms for other notable organizations.