K-12 Education

As a leading provider of K-12 educational services in China, Ambow’s business covers K-12 in school education, tutoring services, international education programs and online educational offerings.

Through its directly operated K-12 schools, Ambow has established a comprehensive K-12 education system featuring education research, international cooperation, educational resource consolidation and innovation of technologies and services. Ambow works with dozens of domestic primary and secondary schools to enhance their education services, as well as sharing educational resources with hundreds of domestic schools every year. Furthermore, Ambow’s tutoring centers provide students with high quality courses benefiting from educational resource sharing with its directly operated schools and cooperated schools.

Ambow focuses on educational research through its ownership of a sophisticated research team and has partnered with Beijng Normal University and found Ambow Education Development Research Institute to conduct research on prospective topics. Ambow has also established partnerships with companies from numerous countries outside China, including US, UK, Canada, the Netherlands and Australia, to support its directly operated schools and enhance its partnered schools with international educational resources.

Since 2001, Ambow has been committed to the development, integration and utilization of resources for K-12 education. The company currently owns abundant standardized educational resources, benefiting thousands of schools in China.

Finally, Ambow remains a leading online educational service provider offering the most advanced technology and comprehensive educational service platforms in China. The US-patented Ambow Learning Engine (ALE) monitors, navigates, locates, optimizes and manages learning and training activities through its self-adapting feedback mechanism of human-computer interaction. The technology helps stimulate students’ learning potential, improve their learning abilities, create personalized interactive learning environment and ultimately optimize learning efficiency. Currently, Ambow provdies more than fifty intelligent platforms serving various learning purposes.

Ambow Tutoring Centers

Ambow operates tutoring centers in Beijing, Jiangsu, Gansu, Hunan and other provinces in China. Ambow tutoring centers teach students in accordance with their aptitudes, providing students with standardized, high-quality and personalized education services. In the process of providing education services, the tutoring centers evaluate individual students through Ambow’s Individualized Education Center, delivering customized and supplying feedback based on measured performance. Ambow tutoring centers create a personalized learning environment that suits each student’s characteristics, exploring and stimulating students’ learning potential and improving tutoring efficiency.

Ambow Bopo School

Unlike the traditional educational mode, Ambow Bopo School, a learning platform with high efficiency, focuses on helping students solve difficulties during test preparation. The platform help students achieve knowledge in in 6 months for knowledge that is commonly achieved during 3-year long courses. On average, students of Ambow Bopo School can complete junior high school or senior high school courses in 4 to 8 months. Ambow Bopo School features a learning platform that helps students improve learning efficiency and online-offline services that optimize learning results.

Ambow International Education Programs

Ambow International Education Center is a specialized international education research institute, engaging in developing, managing and promoting international education products and services. Its services also include consulting on premium education and global cultural exchange programs. It is one of China's largest international education research institutions. Ambow International Education Center has established partnerships with over a hundred universities and educational institutions in UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Ireland, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Spain and other developed countries.